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Why Untask?

Simplify your workflows and improve your team’s productivity. Easily assign tasks to your team members. Choose what you need to see. Why don’t you try it today and discover the power of effective team collaboration?


Build the perfect workflow for every project

Track your entire task from start to finish with beautiful views that make project planning a breeze.

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Stay organized and connected

Track your entire project from start to finish with beautiful views that make project planning a breeze.

Designed to enhance productivity. All your tasks are displayed as individual items in a vertically arranged list and presenting tasks in a concise & organized format

Arranging tasks in a structured table layout, showcasing key details for efficient task monitoring and management. Manage your tasks with grid layout.

Always connected

Can we create Meetings? Yes! easier than any other

Effortlessly schedule and document meetings for seamless collaboration

Turn Meetings into action

Scheduling meetings becomes effortless and more streamlined. Make actions immediately
through meetings

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Access through any device

Can use Untask in any device, making it easier than ever before to stay connected and informed in today's fast-paced world.


Frequently asked questions

Looking for something specific? Look no further! We are here to provide you with the answers you seek.

Absolutely! With our task management tool, you can assign tasks to individual team members and set specific deadlines.

Absolutely! We prioritize data security and employ robust encryption protocols. Your data is stored in secure servers, and we regularly update our security measures to protect your information

Yes, you can add multiple organizations to Untask. Our platform allows you to manage tasks for various organizations, ensuring separate workspaces, tasks, and team members for each entity.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee through our free trial option. If you are not satisfied with our task management tool during the free trial period, you can cancel your subscription without any charges.

No, there are no setup fees. You only pay for the subscription plan you choose.